About Me


Another Food Voice

I have had a love-hate relationship with food since my late teens.

Forward Thinking

Developing a deeper healthy relationship with our natural rhythms is the key.

Problem Solver

There is a lot of false information on food in the media. Let’s solve it.

Customer Support

Feel free to reach out to me at any time.

My Story

I guess I am pretty much like a lot of people. There are times when I enjoy even adore food and other times when I don’t. We all have a complex relationship with food that began with the nurturing we received in the womb. In my 20’s I enjoyed watching cooking programmes but in reality, lived on takeaways and ready meals. I began exploring cooking properly in my 30’s when I had my kids and weaned them on homemade foods on a very very tight budget. From there my pleasure in cooking for others has grown. As we all have a complex relationship with food I think it is time we all started being more honest about those truths and that in turn will be healing for ourselves and others.

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