Are you curious how it is that others seem to know the best foods for a hangover? Learn how to use and apply the same “secret weapons of food hangover solace” that savvy alcohol users are using right now to alleviate a bad hangover. If you want to understand if food can help, you must first know how a hangover affects your body. 

What Causes a Hangover? 

Alcohol aids water loss through urine by inhibiting the production of a hormone called vasopressin. This hormone is a significant player in the regulation of water excretion. The bladder freely fills up with urine which you then excrete when you go to the loo. The excretion will cause you to lose more liquid through your urine than you take in. Which results in the loss of electrolytes like sodium and potassium and causes dehydration.  That’s why you need to go to the loo more frequently when  you drink alcohol and why you’re at risk of becoming dehydrated unless you replace the excess fluid loss by drinking more water 

Once the liver’s ability to detoxify the alcohol has reached the max, the body produces a toxic substance called acetaldehyde, and it is this that brings about those hangover symptoms such as fatigue, concentration issues, dry mouth, light-headedness, gastrointestinal issues, sweating, nausea, and anxiousness 

Congeners are compounds that result from the fermenting process that give many types of alcoholic drinks their flavour and can cause hangovers or increase the severity of your hangover. 

So, now we know hangover causes let’s dig in and look at the best foods for a hangover. When most people have had a heavy night of alcohol, their stomach is empty and more acidic the next day, and the lining is irritated. Some foods will help fill the belly, whilst others aid in re-hydrating the body, which is an essential component of getting over a hangover. So here are the common questions that people ask when hungover and the facts that surround them. 

Help I have hangover nausea 

Many people suffer from nausea and vomiting after drinking alcohol. So, let’s deal with that issue first. After a hangover, the best food for those who vomit or have nausea and are struggling to eat would be food items that contain ginger. Possibly a ginger tea might be helpful. Scientific research has concluded that ginger helps curb nausea after alcohol  – once this has eased, you might be able to try some of the top foods for a hangover mentioned here much more quickly.

Is Lucozade good for a hangover?

You can top up lost fluids by drinking gentle fluids for your digestive tract, such as soda water and isotonic drinks. Lucozade Sport is an isotonic drink and will therefore be helpful. It is worth mentioning that you can make a homemade rehydration drink at home, which will cut out the trip to the shop if you have no Lucozade at home. Therefore, this could be the best rehydration drink after alcohol. Prepare and drink throughout the day. A rehydration drink like this taken slowly will assist you in recovering and replenishing the water, and crucial salts and sugar you’ve depleted by drinking 

A vegetable-based broth is also a great source of fluids, vitamins and minerals, to top-up your depleted fluids. It’s also easy for a delicate stomach to digest. You can buy bouillon cubes from all the major supermarkets, and there are many recipes for bouillon soups online. 

Are fruit juices good for a hangover? 

Fruit and vegetable juices provide water and high levels of nutrients and electrolytes, and these can be particularly beneficial for your body as it recovers from a hangover. It is worth mentioning that research from 2016 examined the effects of different fruits on alcohol metabolism in mice. Mice that had eaten starfruit, or pear or lemon juice whilst under the influence of a lot of alcohol exhibited lower alcohol levels in the blood. The research concluded that these fruits could help prevent hangovers and other complications of too much alcohol. 

Are eggs good for a hangover? 

Eggs have been proposed as one of the top foods to alleviate a hangover. Eggs contain some of the best vitamins for a hangover, coupled with minerals, protein, and other nutritional content. The fat content in eggs and the protein is thought to help ease symptoms caused bya hangover. It is also worth mentioning that the liver needs to process all the alcohol consumed, and taurine (an amino acid present in eggs) could aid liver function. 

Are bananas good for a hangover? 

Bananas possess a fair amount of potassium. Eating a banana will help rebuild your body’s potassium levels, which will have been affected by alcohol consumption. Therefore, bananas can be good for a hangover. They also contain fibre and sugar. Fibre can ease digestive symptoms; sugar will offer the energy you need to kick off the day.  

Are carbs good for a hangover? 

Carbohydrate-rich foods are usually easy for people to digest and offer your body a fast supply of energy. So obviously, this will be beneficial when you are hungover and may feel seedy and lethargic. Simple carbohydrates, such as toast, plain crackers or bagels, provide energy while being easy on the belly. But please avoid salty or oily carbohydrates such as chips as these can aggravate your digestive system.

Is greasy food good for a hangover? 

Many people choose greasy food when the hangover symptoms start to kick in the next day. It is widely believed that greasy food can alleviate a hangover however it would be wiser to eat fatty food before drinking alcohol. The reasoning behind this is that the fats in the food will help curb alcohol absorption, leading to a delay in drunkenness and less severe hangover symptoms. But to consume greasy food the morning after might upset an already irritated digestive system, making the hangover much worse. 

So, what should I eat for a hangover? 

what should I eat for a hangover

Many cures for hangovers are circulating in society, and some of those cures refer to foods for a hangover. However, remedies for a hangover lack scientific evidence. While there are many foods that a person can tuck into when they are hungover, it is wiser to choose nutritious food. 

Digging into breakfast is the most effective way to restore the nutrients depleted in your body as it tries hard to metabolize the booze.  If you feel nauseated, try a ginger tea or an isotonic drink. If you can tolerate it, eating a bowl of porridge or cereal should help to rebalance some of the hangover effects and lift your energy levels. Alternately, if your belly can handle it, choose a piece of wholemeal toast with eggs prepared healthily, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, and finished with a glass of fruit juice. 

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