Well, my christmas tree is growing on me, it seemed too wide but as ever it’s presence in the house makes me feel calmer. We had an awful job trying to get it to fit our tree stand and had to get a saw to shave the wood a bit.

All my presents are in and I have planned the Christmas menu. My home is mixed with meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians. So meal times are always a juggle. I tasted This Isn’t Roast Chicken & Stuffing and was blown away. So as I’m going to my Mums on the big day I have decided to make this for myself and Hannah my daughter. My son, Hamid will be having the traditional turkey and trimmings.

My mum has dementia and lives with my 2 sisters. So by taking that tasty vegan joint, it will help reduce any extra cooking that my sister will have to do, as she has her hands full. Thankfully I have completed all my christmas shopping and am feeling quite proud of myself that I have finished so early.

I spent a good chunk of change on toys for my 2 cats. My kids are going to the Saudi after christmass to visit family and the cats will be lost without them. So I am hoping all the toys I have bought them will keep them busy until they return.

Well I hope everyone who celebrates this holiday has a happy and peaceful Christmas. Be sure to check out my festive recipe giveaways on the blog. x